Bodacious BBQ Beans

Bodacious BBQ Beans
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This delightful dish is featured in the deep south, and shows up again in Alaska as a dining choice for any meal. After the dish is together, if you wish to add additional protein, do so. If feeding mixed company (vegans, vegetarians and omnivores) I add nothing further, or extra firm organic tofu, cut into ½ " cubes. If those dining on the dish are sensitive to beans and produce gas readily, they could be offered some Beano, or my personal favorite, Wobenzyme. Both are digestive aids.
Recipe type: Side dish or Entree
Cuisine: American, everywhere except on the northeast coast and Hawaii.
Serves: Varies
  • Canned white beans in tomato sauce. 10 oz. for a single serving, 28 oz. for more.
  • Put into heavy pan, crock pot, or covered deep dish in microwave and bring heat up slowly while adding chopped onion in a proportion of ⅓ the amount of beans.
  • Cooked lean bacon, or ham, pork, beef, sausage, poultry, or organic tofu.
  • Add BBQ sauce and ketchup to taste.
  • Add minced garlic or powdered garlic to taste.
  • Add honey or organic cane sugar or other sweetener.
  • Add 1 t. salad mustard per cup of completed recipe batch.
  • If desired, add any or all of the following to taste: Liquid Smoke, Frank's Hot Sauce, Sriracha.
  1. Heat all ingredients carefully to avoid burning on the bottom of the pan.
  2. Taste a tiny bit of the sauce while heating to correct seasoning as needed.
  3. Present in bean pots, serving bowl, or directly to plate.